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History of Thika High School

It is our honour to welcome you to Thika High School.

History: Thika High School was initially known as the "Thogoto Agricutural Teacher Training Centre" which was started in 1951 at Thogoto. It was a kind of farmers training centre but it was also used to train Agriculture teachers giving them an inservice course which led to their upgrading.

In 1956 it was decided that the centre should have a secondary education component and the first secondary school boys were taken. a single stream was planned for a maximum of 300 sudents.

 In 1957 it was agreed that the secondary school at Thogoto should be moved to Thika and the Teacher Training at Thika be moved to Thogoto. The school moved to Thika in January 1959 and the first group of students sat the Cambridge school certificate that year. The name of the school was changed from Thogoto High School to Thika High School.


1956 - Single Stream

1960 - Double Stream

1964 - Triple Stream

1968 - Triple Stream + 2 streams of Form 6 level for both Science and arts

1995 - Four streams with 700 students today.

Teachers List - January 2010

Mr. Mwangi W. M. Principal
Mr. Ngugi J.N. Deputy Principal
Mr. Ajevi C. S.  D.O.S.
Mr. Mwangi R.K. Computer / maths
Mrs. Kibiro M. W.  Geography
Mr Njuguna T. M.  Biology
Miss Mutahi B. W. Physic / Maths 
Mrs. Mburu M. M. English
Mr. Rajab Kitote Physics/Aviation
Mrs. Waweru C. W. Chemistry
Mrs. Mdzomba H. W. Chemistry/Maths
Mrs. P. N. Kagundu  
Mr. Muema George  
Mrs. Mutharia B. W.  
Mr. Njuguna P. K.  
Miss Mwangi C. W.  
Mrs. Waithiru T. N.  
Mr. Kamicha G. N.  
Miss Mugambi L. K.  
Miss Ariithi L. K.  
Mrs. Kiragu T. W.  
Mrs. Murega C. W.  
Mr. Kamau S. M.  
Mr. Ndung’u F. K.  
Mrs. Wainaina R. I.  
Mrs. Munyao S. M.  
Mrs. Kanyi D. M.  
Mr. Kung’u M. M.  
Mr. Kiarie S. G.  
Mrs. Murimi C. W.  
Mr. Nduati F. M.  
Mrs. Warui A. W.  
Mr. Njoroge D. W.  
Miss Gathii A. M.  
Mr. Nderitu J. M.  
Miss Wahome J. R.  
Mr. Murigi J. M.  Computer/P.E
Mr.Yuuki Computer/P.E
Mr. Nyang’au C. O.  French/Maths
Miss Kang’ethe S. W.  
Mr. Kimani B. M. Maths/Geography
Rev. Harun Ngere  Chaplain




Our Facilities

School Facilities Land 42 Acres Vehicles 1 Bus 1 Van Classrooms 16 Special Room & Workshop 4 Dining Hall 1 …

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Welcome :: About us The founders of this school had a vision for the school. They stated it as follows from  the beginning:

"A school is …

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